What We do

Total Marketing (TMA) is a team of marketing professionals consisting of web developers, website designers and search engine marketing (SEM) specialists.

We provide businesses with a complete long-term marketing solution focusing on delivering real results which enable you to grow your business. We will work closely with you on developing a complete marketing strategy and implement this with you, from website design, graphic design, branding, logo development and internet marketing.

Our team of website developers can design a website for your business – a website is your business’s most important marketing tool and it’s the biggest customer facing brand element you can have. As a marketing tool it communicates with your audience and generates leads for your business.

We believe in developing a strong long term working relationship with our client to create a win win situation. After all, your growth is our growth. Our ultimate objective is to exceed your expectations and be seen as your personal marketing department. For more information about us. > more

I love what you have done to help me set up my website and branding for my new business. Its a nice fresh brand and the look and feel is really personalised and matches my personality and my business.


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