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Case Study: Evo Industries

About Evo Industries

Evo Industries are an Australian owned and operated company based in Queensland and NSW that produce energy efficient heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps and energy reclaim technology.

A long collaboration

Total Marketing Australia have been providing marketing support, strategy and implementation to Evo Industries since the inception of both companies in 2005. As growing businesses, both companies supported and guided each other with their respective skills, personnel and expertise.

Total Marketing Australia have been there to support us in the growth of our business since the beginning. With TMA, we have a real partner we can rely on for all our marketing needs and more

Tony Mills, Managing Director, Evoheat Industries


  • The highly skilled team of developers and designers at Total Marketing managed to refresh the branding without straying too far from the core website branding. So there was a consistent layout, logo, site map and content between the two sites.
  • Athena took it upon herself to study of the industry stakeholders, technology, along with the social, environmental and economical impact of the technology on society. In this way, they were able to overcome the need for accessing a subject-matter expert in the organisation.
  • Athena created an ongoing monthly content strategy that was cost-effective, high quality and targeted to relevant industry publications and websites, which reached Evo Industries’ target audiences and answered their questions about the new technology, prompting them to become either loyal followers of the brand or to enter into a buying cycle.
  • Athena built trusted relationships with editors, specialists and thought leaders in the industry by providing fresh and high quality content for them to publish, which was designed to promote and educate readers on Evo Industries’ work, product range and past successes.
  • Leon created a comprehensive digital marketing strategy incorporating PPC and geo-located landing pages which was successful in generating organic web traffic to the site, improving web ranking and driving genuine sales leads to the site.
  • Leon project managed the creation of a complex new website so that it was simple and easy to use, yet user-centric and enabling much more effective sales conversions.
  • Leon managed the relationship with Evo Industries, ensuring that the business’s core needs were being met throughout the course of the year.
  • Athena changed the brand tone of voice so that it was comprehensive, technically accurate and yet simple enough to be understood by the average person.
  • Feedback from client

2014 was a good year

In 2014, Evo Industries experienced another growth spurt. They formed an alliance with a German-American organisation 2G. Evo begun selling new technology from their partners 2G into Australasia. This consisted of cutting edge cogeneration and trigeneration power plants, closed loop biogas power plants and other integrated solutions.

Over the course of 2014, Evo Industries formed a new sister company; won a prestigious award for one of their projects; expanded their office to another state and took on more staff.

So they naturally turned to Total Marketing to produce a powerful marketing strategy for their expanding stable of brands. They needed to drive customer interest, brand recognition and possible sales leads for their new big ticket products.

Total Marketing conceptualised and planned the new brand launch, and an ongoing digital marketing and content marketing strategy that would place Evo Energy Technologies at the forefront of their field.

Challenges faced by the brand

  • The new brand needed to be identifiable as a part of the same stable of brands. So one of the challenges was developing the new website to have a the same skin, look and feel as the old website, but with a new colour scheme and tone of voice.
  • They were entering into a highly competitive marketplace with many global players that have deep pockets. Evo Industries on the other hand begun as a start up and were completely self-funded. They didn’t have the same marketing budget as their global competitors Rheem and Zodiac, yet they needed to make a huge dent in the market with a modest budget.
  • Gaining access to the right individuals with specialised knowledge about the technology within Evo Industries. They only have a a small team who are very busy with other aspects of the business. So there was a challenge to gain access to specialist knowledge.
  • An Australian audience who are for the most part unfamiliar with this technology in Australia. Even though it’s tried and tested overseas, it’s relatively new in Australia – so the challenges of convincing the audience needed to be overcome.

They have really got to grips with understanding our products, our target audience and they way we work, which has been beyond our expectations from a marketing agency, and all this within an extremely modest marketing budget, I would estimate less than a quarter of the cost for a full time marketing professional. Ray and the team thank you for your support

Tony Mills, Managing Director, Evoheat Industries