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We believe in solid results at Total Marketing Australia. We produce succinct written communications, that rouse people into delving further into your brand’s scope. We believe in vision and culture as a business, and help you discover where your magic lies, so we can generate your source messages as a brand, so we can represent you honestly with our tried and tested advertisement design 3-step process.

Think Ahead

Where is your business going and growing to? Where would you like it to be in 10 years time? Knowing these simple facts can help us formulate a marketing strategy for you that will carry you through the ages. We prefer to understand how you work from the ground up, so we can incorporate your own personal vibe and magic into your advertisement design.


We will then build schematics around your culture and vision for the business; to enable stakeholders to have a firm grasp on what makes your brand pulse.


Then quite simply, we find the best copy and graphic advertising design to implement your marketing plan and design an advertisement that really works.

Contact us today at Total Marketing Australia and discover where your magic lies today!