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brochure design

As the first point of contact for many people with your brand, excellent brochure design is crucial.

Effective brochure design means a punchy and attractive product description, that’s designed to attract new business, with visual appeal, and a distinct call to action.

We can also provide an instructional brochure, that guides the customer through the product in a more in-depth manner. We can help you to deal with customer questions, and provide a platform for product and service awareness.

Our brochures are a good mix of informative and eye-catching

At Total Marketing Australia, we balance out the needs of being both eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing, with presenting information in an informative and functional way.

We understand it’s best to have a selection of brochures, targeted at the various customers that you deal with during the sales process. From introduction; to sales; to customer retention; we know the business of staying in business!

Get in touch with us at Total Marketing Australia today, to discuss the best brochure design options for you!