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As the first unofficial handshake, the corporate invitation is a virtualised ‘Hello, how do you do?’

Therefore corporate invitation design should be styled and branded in a similar fashion to your existing marketing collateral. It should also aim to elicit a certain amount of intrigue and awe from the recipient.

How exactly is that possible? Through a well-considered and up-close approach to business announcement design. At Total Marketing Australia, we can offer you the ‘wow’ factor for invitations, to get people interested in your corporate event.

Rapid Service: We understand that you’re time poor. So with this in mind, we can design invitations at short notice and autonomously steer the process along, so that you can focus on running the event.

Diverse In Scope: We can create a bespoke invitation for your fashion show; conference; dinner; charity event; product launch; gallery opening; and more.

Diverse in Design: We can create invitations that are made from different types of materials, and designed to be chic, unconventional, edgy, classical; or whatever the remit that you provide.

Get in touch with Total Marketing Australia today, we can offer a competitive price and unparalleled quality for your corporate invite design.