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Point of Sale Design

If you have found your eye drawn to a catchy, cutesy or bizarre signage in your retail wanderings – then you have encountered effective point of sale design. Point of sale design is just as important as the product’s packaging itself, just on a grander scale.
Point of sale displays aren’t just about ‘in your face’ signs that are meant to catch your eye. There is a lot more to it than that! Point of sale marketing should be a natural extension of the branding of the product and business itself. Total Marketing Australia knows about point of sale displays, and how to captivate and hold casual onlookers attention.

How we approach point of purchase displays:

Graphic Design: That’s contemporary, branded, bold and captivating

Informed by Insights: Into methods of design and communication, that will intelligently get the message across.

Incentivised: Our point of sale advertising uses heavily incentivised, sales-driven ideas and has the ‘unbeatable offer’ factor.

Total Marketing Australia use their illustrious experience in point of sale design, to target pedestrian traffic both in and outside of retail stores; and get the desired results! Speak with us today about how we can create a bespoke point of sale marketing campaign for you!


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