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website design

Website design is one of the most important elements in the digital marketing jigsaw puzzle. If Ebay were using the same framework as Craigslist, would it be as successful?  You should already know the answer.

A badly designed site can bleed out thousand of dollars for a business every year. In contrast, well-made website design packages combine the following qualities:

Secure:  Encrypted payment information and safe online forms  

Beautiful: Easy on the eye

Smooth: Simple to navigate and use

Compelling: Engaging to read and useful to the audience 

Dynamic: Freshly uploaded digital content

Branded: The right tone of voice and ethos

Optimised: SEO and internal links that make sense to search engines.

Do you need a new site?  Or do you already have one that needs some website design TLC? Call the website design agency Australia relies on, Total Marketing Australia.